16 December 2010

Distraction: Holiday Memories

Another memory from Christmas past and my wonderful, fabricated childhood... Dad choosing to go DIY: "we'll find a tree right in our own backyard kids!"... Mom blazing another fashion trail of her own making: "it's going to be all about two polka dots this season!"... sister Sally still pouty faced after we played Hairdresser and the New Client Who Wants a Pixie Cut.... me (cute as ever) captivated by visions of sugar plum fairies carrying sparkling banners that say: Come Join Us! ... and that mystery visitor in blue....why it's Dad's co-worker Barbara from the typing pool stopping by to deliver yet another rum-soaked fruit cake and some news so surprising that Mom tips the tree. 
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Daniel-Halifax said...

ha! Sally's haircut is perfection! How did someone capture this?

Johnny G said...

You truly are delusional, and it makes this all so much fun!

W.E. said...

Thank you dear DH and Johnny G for appreciating my stumbling wander down memory lane!!!!