05 December 2010

Covet: Circa 1900 Gold Plaque

Whilst strolling recently with a (now former) friend, I stopped to admire a sumptuous objet d'art in a shop window... the piece was large and gold and dramatic... three attributes I expounded upon as I pressed my cute button nose against the window (leaving nary a grease spot).  My eyes were glassy with blatant desire as I imagined all the places in my home where I could attempt to cram something quite so generous in scale when my (now former) friend popped my fantasy bubble by asking: "but what would you do with it?"  

Practical?  Reasonable?  Logical?  These are concepts foreign to us here at Wandering Eye... we would much rather fly giddily on the glitter wings of whim than trudge through the mucky muck of reason which is why we are all agog over this splendid piece of whimsy available right here.


Daniel-Halifax said...

Your (former) friend obviously has no idea what he's talking about. One could find several places for it in house. Or if you take after Aunt Edith Bouvier Beale, maybe pin it on your chest in a chic/outlandish/sensible sort of way.

John J Tackett said...

Surely there are any number of places in your apartment that could benefit from a 3 ft high appliqué such as this. I appreciate a decorative item such as this to give visual relief from paintings and prints. It could be hung over virtually any piece of furniture -- console, sofa, bed -- or it could hold its own alone.

W.E. said...

Thank you dear DH and JJT for backing me with this one! I knew deep down in my illogical heart that others would feel as I do about such crucial matters as where to place an oversized objet d'art! Also love the reference to one of my heroes: Little Edie. This would make a wonderful brooch...perhaps right here... on this turban.