03 November 2010

Wishful Wandering: The Great Outdoors

Barely mid-week and I'm already fantasizing about a get away... a quick jaunt into the great outdoors like the magical excursions I remember from my fabulous and completely fabricated childhood....the brightly colored pop-up camper (so easy!), inflatable chairs, lucite table, portable TV and jumbo sized transistor radio.  Dad with those fetching sideburns tending to the barbecue while I supervised... a vision of pig-tailed, fresh faced cuteness... pretending that the smell of rotisserie meat mixing with the salty ocean air isn't making me want to cough up my breakfast Pop Tart and Mom lounging glamorously in polyester separates, ignoring both of us as she watches one of her programs nursing her fifth screwdriver of the morning.  Ah, such sweet memories.
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HAA HAA HAAAAA!! Now STOP standing in front of the SCREEN!