24 November 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Football

After an unfortunate stray pitch and resulting cracked helmet, my career as a Little League superstar was over before it even began.  At the soft-headed age of six I had yet to learn that one must duck one's head when faced with an oncoming baseball.  To the dismay of my baseball-loving Mother,  my season was cut short.  Fortunately, I wasn't as crushed as my helmet.  Truth be told I wanted off the team once I learned that our Little League uniform did not include the snazzy lace front cropped pants of professional ball players.  My interest in sports (both playing and watching) has always depended on the uniform which is why I'm interested in joining this team... crank up the time machine and pass me that helmet please!
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Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Your blog is my new lover. Loving, witty, visually stimulating, and always puts out. Don't stop the love.

W.E. said...

You really know how to make a Wandering Eye blush like a school girl dear Kevin! The love will continue as long as these fingers can tip and tap.