09 November 2010

My Future Home: Petite

If I was a wee person (instead of the rather Amazonian creature that I am) I would be quite happy living in a beautifully aged home such as this.... of course, I'd need to do a bit of decorating... tack up some tissue curtains, hang some postage stamp art, fluff the cotton ball bedding, arrange the thimble seating and we're ready for guests.
From here.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty small.
Can I move in?

John J Tackett said...

How provoking! An almost empty canvas, clearly much loved in times past as evidenced by the wear.

W.E. said...

Small anonymous folk are always welcome! And you're so right Mr. Tackett... this is the perfect empty canvas waiting to be embellished and enjoyed.

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I love the patina of these walls as small as they are. ; )