25 November 2010

Favorites: Thankful

It goes without saying that we at W.E. have much to be grateful for.....family, friends, health, humor and the gift of delusion....but what of the smaller joys?  The unsung pleasures? Herewith, a short list of small things (in no particular order) we are thankful for:
1. Brussel sprouts
2. Woven leather buttons
3. Stripes
4. Wingback chairs
5. Cinnamon
6. Baker's twine
7. Denim
8. Sock monkeys
9. Acorns
10. Glitter
Image from Sock Monkeys available here.


victoria thorne said...

Brussels Sprouts, aye! And all the other stuff. Love your list. Love this all. Hope you Thanksgiving was heavenly. (D-H reminded me.)


W.E. said...

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm about my list and those brussel sprouts VT!