05 November 2010

Favorites: La Vie en Rose

My choice for a Friday soundtrack: Grace Jones' rendition of La Vie en Rose ... en repete s'il vous plait!  I love the instrumental introduction... that guitar makes me swoon.... plus Miss Jones' voice running the full spectrum from sultry & seductive to guttural roar.  Can you tell that I've a thing for Grace?  How can I resist the music, the face and all those wonderful images by one of my favorite photographers, Jean Paul Goude?  J'adore.
With apologies to Edith Piaf...I still love you Edie.


Anonymous said...

Have loved this since it first came out in the 70s when I was just a teenager! Oh, the thrill of that song!

W.E. said...

I knew someone out there had to share my love of La Vie! Thank you for commenting!