08 November 2010

Distraction: The Eyes of Laura Mars

Stayed up much too late last night (curse you mint chip frozen yogurt) watching one of the best/worst movies ever: The Eyes of Laura Mars.  A late 70's romp through the glossy world of high fashion photography starring Faye Dunaway who excels at making her eyes get white-all-around-the-pupil wide whenever she has one of her "terrifying" visions.  Worth a viewing for the Helmut Newton photo shoots, fashion styling (more shawls please!), interior decor  and 70's Soho....plus there's a laughable scene involving an out of control Pacer on the streets of Manhattan.... What!?!  No Academy Award?


Daniel-Halifax said...

putting this on the TOP of my netflx queue!

Anonymous said...


W.E. said...

I think you will enjoy this celluloid time capsule DH! You will have to share your thoughts apres viewing.