22 November 2010

Crave: Musical Talent

While it may be hard to believe... the Wandering Eye is not talented in all of the arts.  Dramatic monologue? Why yes.  Water color, oil, acrylic and finger paints? Of course.  Interpretive dance? Clear a space.  An operatic rendition of the Madonna songbook?  Step aside Jenny Lind.  Yet, even with such a bottomless barrel of talent (and modesty in equal measure) there is one thing the Wandering Eye struggles with....and.... that....is.... playing a musical instrument.  There, the truth is out.   Burden of secrets lifted.  Still, as my summer spent touring with the National Kazoo Orchestra of Upper Iceland proves, it is never too late for a Wandering Eye to learn a new trick and guess what instrument is next on the list?   
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