19 October 2010

Library: Handcrafted Modern by Leslie Williamson

Every once in a great while I have the pleasure of perusing a book filled with beautiful images, the kind of images that push me to see the world differently... etchings, paintings, drawings, doodles, collages, photographs... visual candy for my wandering eyes and their insatiable sweet tooth.  Handcrafted Modern: At Home with Midcentury Designers by the photographer Leslie Williamson is such a book...  filled with magical photographs of lived in spaces, rooms dense with the presence of the occupant... evidence abounds.  These are not your typical show-room-perfect interiors...  those sterile rooms that shine unconvincingly in the glossy pages of other "coffee table" books.  These are photographs to get your eyes dancing across the page, relishing in every detail and savoring the sweetness.
See outtakes here and buy your copy here.

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Betty Soapmaker said...

SO amazing! I'm at the library now and am going to search for this book! Thank you! (I LOVE all of your posts!)