27 October 2010

Distraction: Costume Concept I

With the 31st fast approaching my mind is all a twitter about what my costume should be this year.  Even though I've a pile of work, a lengthy To Do-Do list and time commitments jostling for space in the forefront of my mind all I can think about is kicking off my shoes, firing up the glue gun, stirring up a big batch of paper mache, busting out some beads and several rolls of tin foil and getting busy with some costume crafting.  Think this idea is too much?   Or, better yet, not enough?
From right here.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I think that would be an amazing costume, if you have the legs to show it off! haha

Daniel-Halifax said...

i think you had better make two.

W.E. said...

I'll do some extra deep knee bends so the gams will be ready for the unveiling and I may have to schedule some costume changes throughout the evening.