01 September 2010

My Future Home: Creative Chaos

I'll admit I'm not the tidiest person. Exhibit A: the pile of magazines/books/journals precariously stacked next to the bed... still, I do appreciate a modicum of order in my home. Exhibit B: the neatly folded bundles of briefs in my underwear drawer.  Of course, looking at these wonderful images of Alexander Calder's home I'm ready to succumb to the chaos and surrender to the creative genius that I tell myself over and over lies somewhere deep within.
Images from Calder at Home: The Joyous Environment of Alexander Calder by Pedro E. Guerrero available here.  Discovered via Mondoblogo.

1 comment:

Daniel-Halifax said...

What is that? I'm the same way... Everything is starched and ironed alas I have a skyline of book stacks hither and thither?