18 September 2010

If I Were A Girl: Bottega Veneta Sandals

I was minding my own business walking a long upper Fifth Avenue when I spied these shimmering sandals in a store window... they called my name (well, my inner girl's name), they beckoned, they winked... tapping their collective toes impatiently as I dawdled at the window... my nose so close that I was fogging up the glass.  If I were a girl I would have to have both color ways.  The golden yellow is electric like a futuristic lemon or a butterscotch hard candy dipped in honey and placed under a super bright spot light so it glows.  These would be my day to night shoes...for every day and every night.  And what of the equally electric green version?  Why, perfect for Saint Patrick's Day of course.  Available right here.

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