25 August 2010

Still Life: The Locksmith's Chair

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with New York City and because I am in a glass-is-half-full state of mind I will focus on the love... as in I love that one can stumble out of a taxi on a darkened block in the West Village and find a locksmith lean-to still open with a wonderful folk art chair out front... an example of painstaking craft... silently offering a seat.


Blue said...

I remember saying to a friend sometime in the 1980s that I felt I'd finally had enough of New York and would never need to visit it again. I've been going back every year since and for increasingly more frequent visits. Love it or hate it, New York gets under your skin.

W.E. said...

So true Blue! For me, that energy is a most addictive drug. Glad to hear that you're still coming back for a dose now and then. I'm always happy to arrive in the Big Apple but, once I've had my fill, I'm just as happy to leave.