27 August 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Summer

Whilst I was busy tapping away at the keyboard and/or pressing my freckled nose to the grindstone, summer has crept by my windows tiptoeing past with beach umbrella, cooler and trashy novel.  Surprisingly I didn't hear the soft flap of flip-flops as summer slipped by but all is not lost.  I will grab hold of these last remaining weeks and I will ignore those few over-achieving-already-changing-color leaves outside and I will get myself to a warm sandy beach or a deep blue pool with a very high diving board from which I will fling myself without an ounce of grace into the sun-warmed water.
Photos from Aaron Siskind's Pleasures & Terrors of Levitation.


Laurent said...

waitin' for ya

W.E. said...

Thanks Laurent! Just don't laugh at my belly-flop.