16 August 2010

My Future Home: Mushroom

My future home (if I was to be reincarnated as a tiny forest-dwelling gnome) would be under a mushroom... I'd prefer something with a very large cap so there is ample room for entertaining fellow gnomes... I also like the addition of the smaller mushroom for storing all the grooming products required to keep my long gnome beard looking shiny and tangle-free plus (added bonus) the flat speckled roof is ideal for sunbathing!


Laurent said...

Never have I queried the comity of the commodious mushroom, and I'm not about to now. Your sense of its genius for entertainment, moreover, seems spot-on. As for grooming, may I propose nothing rash?

Blue said...

I took a very similar photo of a lemon-colored mushroom at Kentuck Knob in May and it brought to mind my childhood fantasies - though I think my house was for fairies rather than gnomes.

W.E. said...

I would never attempt anything too rash when if comes to my (surely) long gnome beard and fairies are always welcome in my home. Thank you both so much for commenting! You're invited under my mushroom anyday.