07 August 2010

Favorites: Boston Public Library

One of my favorite buildings in Boston proper is the majestic Public Library which sits smack dab in the middle of bustling Back Bay.  I love the spiky light fixtures that grace the exterior, the beautiful amber marble of the main stairs, the large scale murals by John Singer Sargent and the central courtyard with archways and fountain.... one can imagine being transported to another place and time if one can ignore the drone of oversized tourists in oversized Red Sox jerseys with oversized Dunkin Donuts coffee cups.  Sigh.


Scott Fazzini said...

Absolutely breathtaking. I've never seen the Boston Library (I've never been to Boston), but am off to do a little Google Imaging now!

Have a swell weekend!

W.E. said...

So glad you enjoyed my BPL post Scott! The building is definitely one worth experiencing in person so you may be due a trip to Boston.

Scott Fazzini said...

I should have known that it was designed by McKim. What an amazing history, space, and collection of important artists who collaborated to create the building -the first library in America. Wow! Thanks again!