28 August 2010

Extra Special: Sculpture by Dalton Ghetti

I consider myself a pretty patient person...by pretty I mean 'attractive'...er, I mean, 'fairly'.... anyhoo, my reserve of patience has a bottom so there are moments when the blood boils, teeth clench, ear lobes flare red and I stomp by feet and scream out for cha-cha heels... this is why I have a soft spot for craftsmanship that requires incredible patience like these miniature sculptures by carpenter turned artist, Dalton Ghetti.  See more mini works of wonder here.


Blue said...

I read about these somewhere else the other day and loved 'em.

Daniel-Halifax said...

"scream out for cha-cha heels" you're highlarious!

W.E. said...

Thank you for the comments Blue and DH! Now, where did I stash those cha cha heels?