21 August 2010

Distraction: Chelsea Flea Market

My idea of a perfect weekend distraction when tolerating the intense heat that is August in the Big (baked) Apple: the Chelsea Flea Market.  Once upon a time, this market sprawled across several large parking lots but today those empty lots are buried under the shiny footprint of glass towers and the Chelsea Flea Market is reduced to two levels of a parking garage...not quite as impressive but still worth a visit... undiscovered treasures are plentiful and almost enough to distract from the uncharted smells emanating from the sidewalk.

1 comment:

Laurent said...

Now this I do like. I really can be looking at a Surrealist canvas here (a school I dislike). In fact I suppose I AM looking at a Surrealist canvas, and that it's been mounted specifically to find me out. But even then I like it, for going to so much trouble.