31 August 2010

Still Life: Abstract

I'm much too lazy to be a true control freak but there are times when I sense a blockage in my usual go-with-the-flowness... a squeezing of the creative valve... an uptightness... this is when I must embrace the randomness with an extra tight bear hug and let the pieces fall where they may. 

30 August 2010

Distraction: Uppercase Magazine

My new copy of Uppercase magazine has arrived... carefully wrapped in brown paper (thank you Curiosity Shoppe in SF!).  I am itching to crack the cover and get lost in the articles and images... the magazine is sitting next to my computer... I can see it there in the corner of my eye... fluttering its pages coquettishly... tempting me to take a work break...another cup of coffee perhaps?  No... I will be strong and resist temptation... this will be my well-deserved reward at the end of the day.  Get your own reward right here.

29 August 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Sunday

Please excuse the poor quality of this image... it was a late night on lower Eighth Avenue and lights were reflecting everywhere.... still, I couldn't resist snapping this photo because it sums up my feelings about Sundays.

28 August 2010

Extra Special: Sculpture by Dalton Ghetti

I consider myself a pretty patient person...by pretty I mean 'attractive'...er, I mean, 'fairly'.... anyhoo, my reserve of patience has a bottom so there are moments when the blood boils, teeth clench, ear lobes flare red and I stomp by feet and scream out for cha-cha heels... this is why I have a soft spot for craftsmanship that requires incredible patience like these miniature sculptures by carpenter turned artist, Dalton Ghetti.  See more mini works of wonder here.

27 August 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Summer

Whilst I was busy tapping away at the keyboard and/or pressing my freckled nose to the grindstone, summer has crept by my windows tiptoeing past with beach umbrella, cooler and trashy novel.  Surprisingly I didn't hear the soft flap of flip-flops as summer slipped by but all is not lost.  I will grab hold of these last remaining weeks and I will ignore those few over-achieving-already-changing-color leaves outside and I will get myself to a warm sandy beach or a deep blue pool with a very high diving board from which I will fling myself without an ounce of grace into the sun-warmed water.
Photos from Aaron Siskind's Pleasures & Terrors of Levitation.

26 August 2010

Covet: Bench

Spent part of the evening ogling this low slung bench at a tasty Thai restaurant on Ninth Avenue in Chelsea....I love a touch of gold especially when it is wrapped around carved garlands so bad that they've come full circle back to good.  Perhaps it was the bubbling cocktails but I was ready to re-decorate part of my home just to make room for this bench.... and I didn't even mind the mysterious stains in the upholstery. 

25 August 2010

Still Life: The Locksmith's Chair

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with New York City and because I am in a glass-is-half-full state of mind I will focus on the love... as in I love that one can stumble out of a taxi on a darkened block in the West Village and find a locksmith lean-to still open with a wonderful folk art chair out front... an example of painstaking craft... silently offering a seat.

24 August 2010

Covet: Ikat Carpets

Wonderful ikat pattern carpets discovered and fondled on the main floor at ABC Carpet and Home.... yes, yes, yes and yes!

23 August 2010

Favorites: Dancer (again)

"It seemed that I had carelessly stepped into a day not meant for me and soon it would be over."

Another beautiful fragment from Dancer... Colum McCann's wonderful novel... sadly finished and back on the bookshelf but not soon to be forgotten.
Photo of Rudolf Nureyev's house off the Amalfi coast by David Seidner from House and Garden, 1992.

22 August 2010

Covet: Marble Man

We locked eyes from across the room and I knew that I had to meet him.  How could I resist those cascading curls, the porcelain skin and that aristocratic air that whispered: look but don't touch?  Though quite short, his demeanor towered over the others in attendance and I was smitten.  True, some might call him cold and this assessment of his character would not be completely untrue but I sensed a warmth just beneath the finery and I wondered if there was a chance I might take him home.

21 August 2010

Distraction: Chelsea Flea Market

My idea of a perfect weekend distraction when tolerating the intense heat that is August in the Big (baked) Apple: the Chelsea Flea Market.  Once upon a time, this market sprawled across several large parking lots but today those empty lots are buried under the shiny footprint of glass towers and the Chelsea Flea Market is reduced to two levels of a parking garage...not quite as impressive but still worth a visit... undiscovered treasures are plentiful and almost enough to distract from the uncharted smells emanating from the sidewalk.

20 August 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Adrift

My current state of mind courtesy of this vintage book cover... if only I had my rifle and/or neck-kerchief.

19 August 2010

Favorites: Dancer by Colum McCann

"The night went by, our desires hidden, as if sewn inside coat sleeves.  It was not that we even took our coats off, it was the touch, the shiver of recognition when our sleeves met as we lit each other's cigarettes."

This is from Dancer by Colum McCann who is now one of my favorite authors seeing as I just devoured his Let the Great World Spin and, immediately after, picked up this novel based on the life of Rudolf Nureyev... I have always been intrigued by Nureyev... his artistry and his fire... watching him dance even on the small stage of a television screen it was like sparks were flying from his hands and feet.  This is the kind of delicious novel that keeps me up way too late at night.

18 August 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Wrestling

Why waste time grappling with your inner demons when you can partake in a genuine wrestling bout instead?  Just don't forget to roll out the ornamental Oriental before you roll up your sleeves.
Images via the NYPL

17 August 2010

Still Life: Tangle

Oh, what a tangled mess of a web I've inadvertently woven... a rather random weave pattern... no points for precision craftsmanship here... hopefully the rainbow of colors will distract from the complete lack of order... this is the web of a very expressive spider... maybe an arachnid with a penchant for line dancing and fruit-flies.... that most favorite uncle spider who is a little light in his eight Gucci loafers.
With apologies to Sir Walter Scott

16 August 2010

My Future Home: Mushroom

My future home (if I was to be reincarnated as a tiny forest-dwelling gnome) would be under a mushroom... I'd prefer something with a very large cap so there is ample room for entertaining fellow gnomes... I also like the addition of the smaller mushroom for storing all the grooming products required to keep my long gnome beard looking shiny and tangle-free plus (added bonus) the flat speckled roof is ideal for sunbathing!

15 August 2010

Still Life: The Jeweler's Workbench

A quiet Sunday morning save for the hum of a slowly arcing fan, the sigh of a slumbering dog....the work table beckons and inspiration hides somewhere in worn drawers filled with findings or perhaps in the wooden tray of favorite tools while a coffee cup seeps dark circles into the surface pattern.

14 August 2010

Favorites: Poetry

With a name like that how could he not become a poet?

13 August 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Limits

There are those moments, those entire days, when one feels the fleshy hand of doubt pressing down....a great weight of uncertainty, a furrowed brow of apprehension and insecurities flare like a mosquito bite scratched....these are the moments, the days, when one must remember to look skyward... to realize the universe is vast (which, in comparison, makes even the most over-stuffed of personal baggage seem like a rather small hurdle to clear)... to tell oneself over and over that the sky is truly the limit. 

12 August 2010

Distraction: African Treasure (1952)

The perfect early morning accompaniment to deli-brewed coffee and a bagel whilst dining in a mid-town hotel room?  Why a man in a leopard print loincloth of course.  Nothing like a black and white Tarzan-ish film to get me going... thank you very much TCM.  It didn't matter that I had no idea where the plot line was going... I couldn't stick around for the (surely) explosively thrilling conclusion.... I will say though that Johnny Sheffield with spear is so much more stimulating first thing in the morning than any talking head on CNN.

11 August 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: NYC Bargain

I love a bargain and how fortuitous that I just happen to be in the market for brocked...especially Chines!  

10 August 2010

Covet: F. Scott Fitzgerald

I know it's a big no-no to judge a book by its cover but how can one resist when the cover is as exquisite as these by Coralie Bickford-Smith?   Plus I truly believe that a beautiful book design only enhances the reading experience whereas a book with an unfortunate cover tends to sit on the shelf collecting dust.  I want the whole collection (of course).  How could I possibly chose just one?  Plus I am more than ready to revisit the writing of F. Scott Fitzgerald....I imagine he would be quite pleased seeing his work look so elegantly dapper.  

09 August 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Somewhere in Connecticut

Meanwhile, on a slow train to China(town), I sit and watch the world go sluggishly by...to think travel by rail was glamorous at one time... sadly, the shiny coating of mystique has worn away and what is underneath, well, even if one wipes away the soot....lets just say...the Orient Express this is not... air conditioner blasting, baby crying, cell phone conversations bouncing about the tin lined interior and oddly sweet medicinal scent emanating from the far end of the car.... I am thankful for my scarf and my book and my headphones and Bach.

08 August 2010

Extra Special: Marriage for All

Big sparkling HOORAY(!) to the state of my sun-shiny childhood, California (for now).
image via Woolf and Wilde

07 August 2010

Favorites: Boston Public Library

One of my favorite buildings in Boston proper is the majestic Public Library which sits smack dab in the middle of bustling Back Bay.  I love the spiky light fixtures that grace the exterior, the beautiful amber marble of the main stairs, the large scale murals by John Singer Sargent and the central courtyard with archways and fountain.... one can imagine being transported to another place and time if one can ignore the drone of oversized tourists in oversized Red Sox jerseys with oversized Dunkin Donuts coffee cups.  Sigh.

06 August 2010

Still Life: Suitcases

A stack of vintage suitcases sitting in the sun, leather wrapped handles, rusted hinges, peeling labels, monogrammed initials scratched away.... each traveling box saturated with memories ... journeys taken, discoveries made, treasures carted, promises whispered, hopes dashed, secrets kept.

05 August 2010

Favorites: Apartamento

Images from the latest issue of one of my favorite interior magazines, Apartamento, out of Barcelona ....surprises abound on nearly every beautifully textured page.  Give your eyes a gift and have a gander here.