28 July 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Tank you.

Sometimes it's hard to say why something (or someone for that matter) strikes ones fancy....perhaps if this were a different day with a different mood I would have walked right by this pair of tall red tanks reclining in the dark basement corridor of a massive building complex ....discarded relics of another time, another structure now long forgotten...still there was something about that red...audaciously bright in the shadows and those oversized wheels waiting patiently to roll away.


Anonymous said...

Totally outstanding post, particularly nowadays, under the remembrance of the Logan play on Rothko. I admit, this is a mind working in a different direction, but it comes to the same appreciation of the image.

W.E. said...

Mark Rothko's paintings are amazing and I love that you've referred to him in your comment. Was it the red?

Anon (Laurent) said...

WE, you may well come to admire the play, which I haven't seen but have read; it was the red, but very much also the black; and their bordered intimacy; and their destiny (by expulsion, in both cases) for the one to dominate the other. Thank you for asking.