26 July 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Style

I love a man with his own sense of style...someone not afraid to roll the fashion dice and risk a loss or big win.  Take this gent here: gold jacket with billowy sleeves, checkered pants, blue booties and a basket of arrows at the ready.  Be still my heart.  And don't even get me started on that up-do or the matching beard, moustache and eyebrow in sophisticated grey.  I am a tad concerned about the sallow complexion though....perhaps my new fashion plate and I need to spend some time poolside or by the shore?


Daniel-Halifax said...

If you're planning on improving your sallow complexion on the sunny shore of Rhode Island, be sure to send me a telegram!

W.E. said...

You will most definitely receive a telegram if I find myself sunning on your RI shores AND, just to be clear, my complexion is a bowl of peaches and cream...however this man in the fancy get-up is an entirely different story.

Daniel-Halifax said...

Woops! I meant to say your friends sallow complexion! Dear me!