30 June 2010

Still Life: Fork

Even though I consider myself quite the accomplished host, there are those (rare) moments when things don't quite go as planned which is when one must resort to a touch of razzle-dazzle....who knew my showbiz background as a tap dancer would prove so handy?  From experience, I've learned that the right serving pieces can make the most lackluster of meals appear quite shiny and bright.  If your guests are polite enough to warrent a return invite, they won't even notice the over-salted, mushy vegetables or beyond al dente pasta because they'll be dining with beautifully detailed forks on the finest intricately patterned china....razzle dazzle strikes again.


Daniel-Halifax said...

razzle dazzle...and strong pre-dinner drinks! a trick my mother passed on to me and i hope to pass on to my squidlings.

W.E. said...

Ah yes, the pre-dinner cocktail prepared extra stiff. Such sage advice to receive D.H.! A must first course at any meal scheduled in the p.m. as far as I'm concerned. In fact I quite enjoy dipping into the cocktail shaker when I'm bustling about the kitchen...way before any guests have arrived....which may account for the rare culinary misstep.