14 June 2010

Favorites: Cher

There are icons and then there are ICONS.  Cher would go under that all cap heading.  When I was an impressionable wee Wanderer, Cher made quite an impression.  How could she not?  Look at that perfectly smooth hair, those bedroom eyes with the purple eyeshadow, the metallic tipped nails and the backless Bob Mackie dress dripping with bugle beads.  I remember watching Cher on TV and sitting so close to the screen that my Mom would reprimand me.  I couldn't help myself.  Cher was my version of a Fairy Godmother and I imagined that one day she would drive down our cul de sac in a sequin covered limousine to rescue me and together we would rollerskate, hand in hand, off into the sunset.  Dyn-oh-mite!


Daniel-Halifax said...

No words needed.


W.E. said...

I am so happy to watch this bit of video magic in the wee hours of the night. Pure glittery perfection. Thank you for sharing Daniel-Halifax and, you're right, I am speechless.