12 June 2010

Covet: Vintage Work Clothes Quilt

Every summer I sacrifice a pair of pants (usually jeans) to the Goddess of the Cutoff....it is a quick ceremony with little blood shed...perhaps a stray thread or two.  The cutoff short is my uniform of choice during the warmer months....mind you I snip at a respectable length for my Daisy Duke short short days are long past.  With every sacrificial offering, there is left the remaining part of the pant....in my case, a rather long section of leg and since I have a hard time parting with anything (or anyone for that matter) I have been collecting all these leg parts for years.  My wish is to pay homage to the loyal service of my old pants by stitching up a quilt...nothing fancy....no Windowpane or Log Cabin pattern for me.  When I finally get around to it, my quilt will be a reflection of its maker....rather hodge podge...slightly askew....imperfect but (hopefully) in a charming way.  In the meantime, I will covet this lovely specimen available here.

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