31 May 2010

Crave: Sea

Seeing as this is Memorial Day and (for many) the official start of the summer season, I should be lounging by the shore under an umbrella, drinking a gin and tonic (with extra lime), listening to waves crash whilst inhaling the salty spray.  Should would be the operative word in that sentence because, unfortunately, I am landlocked for the weekend but I make the most of it.  True, my ears are not filled with the symphony of the sea and my nose is not tickled by the warm wet mist but there is an abundance of prime comfy spots for lounging around the house and, most importantly, I have plenty of limes.


Daniel-Halifax said...

All you need is a hot jazz record and an oscillating fan!

W.E. said...

Yes! These would complete the scene perfectly. I would like very early Ella Fitzgerald and a lazily spinning fan. Aaaaah!