27 May 2010

Covet: Teaching Mixed Media to Children

Sometimes I see something that really knocks the proverbial socks right off my ten little piggies and this mixed media assemblage sent those socks a flying.  This clothespin sculpture is from the now out-of-print book Teaching Mixed Media to Children (1995) by Karla Cikanova which I immediately decided I need for my library because I can always wedge another book on the shelf and a book like this could come  in handy someday...you know...when I'm teaching a classroom full of children....about....mixed media.  So, now I'm obsessed, wasting far too much time scouring the internet for used copies that aren't exorbitantly priced or only available from a bookseller in Australia.  In the meantime, I will satisfy my longing by admiring other wonderful images from this book on the equally lovely (and one of my new favorite) blogs:  An Ambitious Project Collapsing.

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Anonymous said...

Love the color palette!