17 May 2010

Covet: Carnival Toss Form

I must have a bit of the masochist in me as I like to peruse the SOLD archive of favorite dealers on 1st dibs. This is usually where I see the things I want....right…this….minute… like this carnival ball-toss bust form which was sold by Heir Antiques out of Providence.  I think this stoic figure would look great in an entrance hall always at the ready to welcome guests.  Afterall, who wouldn’t want a handsome gent with a hole in his head hanging around?


Daniel-Halifax said...

haha! heir antiques is really the most beautiful antique store...please visit it someday!

Kathleen said...

I agree with you about this stoic gentleman... I love!

Wandering Eye said...

I will pay a visit to Heir in the near or far future and ,Kathleen, you know a fine catch of a man when you see one.