03 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Resolution(s)

Three days in and I'm still compiling my list of new year's resolutions.  Who knew someone as perfectly deluded as I could have room for improvement?  Readers (all three of you) I confess.  I've more than room...I've an estate...a veritable compound.... a mansion with guesthouses.  Plenty o' space for all the improvements I plan to make in this newest of new years.  And what pray tell does this image have to do with any of this navel gazing? Not a whole heck of a lot...just a perfectly weathered paper mache box.... a lovely holiday gift from a lovely all-season friend.


Daniel-Halifax said...

haha! theres more than three! Theres me, a bunch of other stalkers, the your commrades: yourself and you.

W.E. said...

You're right DH...there are probably 5.5...the fraction being that half-wit Myself. Such an airhead!